Online Meetups

This invitation to our FREE event goes out to
EQLovesMusic members
Producers of the world
Beats by Girlz New York
Beats by Girlz Denmark
Upfront producer network
if your not part of these communities – submit interest to:

We will have online meetups the first monday and 3.rd sunday (following the monday meet up) every month and the most important thing for you is to sign up ahead with email and name in order for us to be able to put you in online conference rooms where we have the listening sessions.

We have no specific genres and welcome all ages and styles of music, which means we want you to know its very important to keep an open mind and be kind in order to make this a safe space for lifting each other. We can have maximum 12 people in each room but we rather keep it 5-6 people in each.

The songs you share should be in links to soundcloud and will be shared in the chat inside the room. While listening, everyone should turn off their microphones in the room.
You can share finished songs or just ideas or unfinished ones.

In our organization we are mainly working with inspiring and lifting/highlighting female and non binary music producers, and we are ihoping to connect with different producers in the world!
During this session you can show your last production, get feedback on the production if you want, just come and say hi and get inspired and connect with Swedish and other producers of the world etc.
For participating in this free event you need to

1. Sign up – because we need the list of who is participating in order to set the groups.
2. a computer with a camera and internal microphone + a good internet connection and Chrome or Firefox.
3. When you join the webinar you go to the webinar with the webinar-link, sign in, and watch an instruction film, then we say hi to each other in the chat of the webinar, after that we get divided into different online rooms on Whereby.
We are looking forwards to this Monday!

The music in this video is written by Kina Nyman, Sophia Jacobsson, Sara Lundberg and produced by Daniella Linan for our last album EQLovesFestival Anthems 2019