EQLovesMusic is an Gothenburg based non profit organization with aim to promote professional music created by women and from the perspective of gender equality.

Our aim is to:

  • create project which lifts and to make visible female music production.
  • work with our network in the Gothenburg region
  • to cooperate with and promote similar sister-organisations and initiatives nationwide and international. In Sweden we wish to promote Upfront producer network in Stockholm, Popkollo, Studio XX and Equalizer project.


An estimate of the status of female music producers in the music business all over the world is less than 5% according to the non profit organisation Women´s Audio Misson.
The aim of our projects is to balance the music business by promoting and highlighting professional music producers of contemporary pop/house/electronic/DJ music. One step at a time, one project at a time.

Melodifestivalens statistik:

Andelen manliga upphovsmän i landets största underhållningsprogram har sett ut såhär de senaste åren:

2015 – 75 procent

2016 – 78 procent

2017 – 78 procent

2018 – 76 procent

Av Stims 80 000 anslutna upphovspersoner är endast 20 % kvinnor.

På Spotifys topplista över de mest populära låtarna 2016 var totalt 226 låtskrivare inblandade varav 31 kvinnor (13,7 %) och 195 män (86,3 %).

På svenska Grammisgalan har fyra kvinnor respektive 49 män prisats i kategorin ”Årets producent” sedan priset instiftades.

Bara 6,3 % av de trettio högst inkomstbringande upphovspersonerna mellan 2010 och 2016 var kvinnor.

Our initial partners for upcoming projects such as EQLOVESFESTIVAL Gothenburg 2018 are Kultur i Väst.

Our future ambition is to work in collaboration with these networks: Upfront Producer Network, Makten över musiken, 50/50 and PopKollo. Our teammembers already work with these networks.

Why this initiative?

– Who gets to define music?  The music industry, producers and creators behind it.

-“If 95% of the professional creators of the sonic nature and sound of contemporary music are men then it is the same as women have no right to vote in this matter. We the professionals are here but we are not promoted or highlighted yet in the same way” 


EQLovesMusic är idéell förening med ett långsiktigt syfte att möjliggöra projekt som lyfter fram och synliggör musikproducenter som inte tillhör den manliga normen.

Målet med våra projekt är jobba med jämställdhet inom musikproduktion.

Ett steg i taget och ett projekt i taget.

We love music and want to work towards a future in the music industry with equal possibilities for women to work within music production in an male dominated industry. We also want equality for everyone no matter skin color or sexuality. We believe music loves EQ and EQ loves music.

° EQ as in Equality – equality of gender, heritage, skin color or sexuality

° EQ as in Equalizer – equalizing/changing who gets to define the sound

° EQ as in Emotional Quotient – with respect of just payment to music creators

Some of our members:




Kimtina Malmcrona

Artist and music producer educated @Musikmakarna Örnsköldsvik



Melisha Linnell

Musicproducer with a bachelor degree at Dalarnas University,

owner of Powah recording studio in Brewhouse since 2012.