EQLovesFestival 2021 takes place on October 16th 2021 at 6:30 p.m. and you can watch it for free live on facebook or youtube. (GMT + 2)  This year it’s in the form of a creative collaboration project, and the non profit organization has done things a bit differently. The focus has been on the members, many of whom are artists as well as producers. In preparation for the festival, the organization has gathered and collaborated, and the members have created a soundbank together inspired by carefully selected keywords centering around the theme equality. The soundbanks have then been compiled into five different representation designs with the help of Ableton Live.

For previous years, EQLovesFestivals main theme has been to present thoughts about equality and its progress in the field of music production. Through panels among other things, and to shine a light on role models in the field that are not CIS-males, all the while networking with different sister organisations. The festival has presented live performances where prominent female and non-binary producer artists have performed their original music. EQLovesMusic has collaborated with many sister organisations through the years by creating events both in Sweden and abroad, notably New York.

Like last year, this year’s festival has been affected by the pandemic, causing the Festival to be streamed online only with no live audience, as the preparation work started in January with the state of the world still uncertain.

EQLovesMusic wanted the representation designs performed at the festival to be in line with the issue the association is working with:

How can the representation designs convey condescending attitudes, prejudice, gender discrimination, exclusion, sexism but also strength, courage, stamina, sisterhood, sense of belonging and support systems? How could we facilitate, and create possibilities, for all the members who wanted to participate in this project?

The answer was to create a soundbank inspired by carefully selected keywords,  that were then compiled in Ableton Live in preparation for performance. This enabled members who could not participate physically to contribute with their own sound designs in the finished production, bringing their ideas to fruition.

Seeing as most members, more than a good 40, in EQLovesMusic had only worked previously with other DAWS than Ableton Live, the association booked a webinar with Loljud. Loljud is a producer and artist that has previously performed at the festival using Ableton Live for it, as for most of her performances . After the webinar the members would meet up online to create the soundbank.

EQLovesMusic was further supported by Ableton, contributing to the project in the form of Ableton Live Lite-versions of the program that everyone could access. 

EQLovesFestival has previously sported big producer names in the festival  like Leila Arab, a producer that has worked with Björks Live DJ.  Grammy winning producer Sylvia Massy and Linn Fijal from Benny Anderssons music studio Riksmixningsverket, Ebony Bones, Ayla, Ida Redig, the producer and Denniz pop-award-nominated Selen Özan, the artist and producer Loljud, Ana Diaz, Erin Tonkon (David Bowie), Gloria Kaba (Madonna, Beyonce, Phil Ramone, Kanye West, Salaam Remi, Aretha Franklin and Frank Ocean), Heba Kadry (The Mars Volta, Slowdrive, Lightning Bolt, Beach House, Björk) are just some of the many other names. 

This year we’ve decided to focus on our members and the creation of a collaboration to perform at the festival. The final result is a diverse collection of sound designs from the members leading up to a culmination of soundbanks that Maria, Kimtina, Nadja, Zukie and Melisha from EQLovesMusic have been able to compile and focus into 5 different representation designs.

“We’re very happy and proud about completing this project this year with so much focus on our members and the collaboration between them. The result is an exciting compilation of the different sound designs created”, //Maria, Kimtina, Nadja, Zukie & Melisha from EQLovesMusic.

“To explore the idea ‘Equality’  in connection to our community,  and at the same time on my own, and then morphing the feelings and the collected sounds into a composition was an emotionally revolutionary process. I’ve found a completely new sound than enables me to readily adorn the work with poetry and prose. It amplifies and crystallizes my own journey in an unbalanced and unequal music business . The process has been purifying.”// Nadja Itäsaari, one of the sound compilers from EQLovesMusic who will perform the representation design SmurFAAN!

In connection to the festival there is also a pre-party where the live performers will talk about the process of creating the compositions and collaborations performed. The pre-party is on October 11th 6.30 P.M. (GMT + 2).