During this ongoing pandemic EQLovesMusic has started working towards developing an easily accessible approach digitally. In collaboration with QueensLab in Gothenburg we want to present our new logotype!

This Logotype is designed by Pia at QueensLab, and Pia Olsson is a graphic designer with a passion for equality and feminism. During the process of this logo creation, a slogan was also stated “We stand for equality in music production!”. Pia gathered some valuable information about our organization and pinned it down to totally nail this challenge!
Some inspirational words that she used for our organization, while planning this logotype was: Music Production, Inclusiveness, Stylish&Modern, Recognition, Form and a Color Scale-Building Emotion.

This resulted in our clean and recognizable logotype with the beautiful pride rainbow colors incorporated in an equalizer, that symbolizes Inclusiveness and equality in the music production field/line of work. Elin Forsner stepped in later to create a pulsating animation for the equalizer for the AVI version of the logo. So from this process we now have a wonderful package of logotypes, both for our organization and for the festival!

The rainbow colors in the new logo is a symbol for openness and inclusiveness, due to us striving to be inclusive and supportive of non binary and trans people, we find it perfect with the all the beautiful colors! With this new logotype we also feel determined and empowered continuing working with EQLovesFestival ONLINE 2020 and developing other online solutions for our members in our organization, and creating a clear and stylish layout for our followers.

Thank you Pia, Elin and QueensLab!

About QueensLab:
QueensLab is a consultant bureau based in Gothenburg that provides with solutions and developing in UX and Design. They can help you with branding, UX/UI, Software architecture, Mobile solutions, 3D & Animation, Web solutions, cloud and integrations. You can visit them on insta by writing #queenslabgbg or by visiting their homesite: https://queenslab.se/#/

Best Wishes and Power to everyone!

// EQLovesMusic

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