Anna Novak releases Trouble

Member of EQlovesmusic, Anna Novak is releasing Trouble from upcoming album, due january 2019. The song is written and produced by herself and is about self-harm and dealing with inner monsters.

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Pictures from Trouble video by Gabriel Tiedtke
The musicvideo is inspired by classic noir movies and is paying tribute to the late Alexander McQueen, who lost the struggle against his demons.

Production, mix: Anna Novak

Mastering: Melisha Linnell


Anna Novak is a singer/songwriter and producer with a penchant for big, airy soundscapes and ethereal vocals. Originated in Stockholm, Sweden, she has studied electronic art music at EMS (elektroniska musik studion), and classic piano and has been a part of several collaborations and bands. Now she composes and produces vibrant and catchy pop music with a dark twist.