EQ❤️Festival 2018 Introduction

EQLovesFestival 2018 took place on both Augst 24th and 25th at Brewhouse Arena in Gothenburg and is a Swedish initiative which aims to highlight the female role models within music production specifically – where women are severely underrepresented in the music industry. Female producers have been left unheard of ever since the beginning of the history of music recording and production, by systematically dismissing or not giving them the credit they deserve. 95% of producers in the music industry who are highlighted and represented are male.

The festival was arranged by us, EQLovesMusic which is a non profit organisation but also a network of music producers. The event was supported by Musikverket, Kultur i väst and kulturrådet and we started working with the project in October 2017. We also created a music project, a release of EQLovesFestival 2018 anthems with eight different versions of the same song. 

The content of the festival was formed to inspire and also enlighten with a mix of live interviews/live talks and live performances. Also, a network lunch was arranged by us in collaboration with ALMi Väst and GAL:ANT which featured representatives from the music business and also our participants such as music producers and music journalists. The aim was to create networking and friendship amongst the participants and also the special invites.

FRIDAY – kicking off the festival event

At this event, we had two different stages, one for couch wizdom talks and one for live performances.

5 pm (17:00)

The festival started off with a red carpet photographing mingle with bubbly drinks and the opportunity to take photos with the participants. Link to photos here.

Zukie Fioxu Live

Photo: Bo Linnell
Photo: Tony Halldin Hultkvist Instagram photo

On stage EQLovesMusic producer and artist Zukie Fioxu performed her new songs together with her side kick Ida and DJ Kimtina. at 6.15 pm (18:15)

zukie mixes old school R&B with her own new soul vibe. She did the 90’s Neo Soul version of EQLovesFestival 2018 Anthems -Change is in the air.

After this, Annika Strandhäll, Swedish minister of social affairs and part of the first feminist government, gave a heartfelt speech about the importance of events like these to build a equal future.

“USA meets Sweden” – Live talk with Sylvia Massy and Linn Fijal, moderated by Swedish music journalist Per Sinding Larsen

7 pm (19:00)


Sylvia Massy, one of the biggest names in music production, who worked with Prince, Tool, Johnny Cash and Red Hot Chili Peppers among others entered our couch wizdom stage together with producer and chief executive of “Benny Andersson’s studio Rixmixningsverket” Linn Fijal who has worked with many exiting projects. These two producers work in a similar way in the studio, as Per Sinding Larsen called it “being studio rats” and it was therefore a very interesting meeting.

359798F6-1ABF-40D3-9F36-947CA6AF4B3BLinn and Sylvia met for the first time at the festival and connected really well, having similar perspectives and experiences. Per Sinding Larsen’s questions lead them to share interesting parts of their work and life as music producers/engineers and also some anecdotes of famous people they worked with. Like Sylvia sharing stories about her experience of working with Prince and Linn’s experience of working with Benny Andersson’s latest album Piano. The audience also got to listen exclusively to unreleased recordings of a great magnitude, of which we will not reveal the details.

Ayla live performance with DJ miss Jen

8.30 pm (20:30)

Ayla Phito: Bo Linnell
Ayla and DJ miss Jen Photo: Bo Linnell

Ayla entered the stage together with DJ miss Jen to perform songs from her album “Loops And thoughts”, and the brilliance of this producer/artist really was an amazing experience.

She is an independent artist, singer and music producer from Malmö with strong DIY mentality.
When Ayla releases her own music, she stands for production, text, recording and mixing. All release takes place independently through her own company.
Ayla followed this autumn’s 2014 album “Ayla Shatz” with the amazing EP “Loops and
Thoughts “. On the EPn we get along on a shimmering musical journey where Ayla’s enchanting voice shows us through productions that are similar to a summer night dream. Modern sounds and arrangements combine with classical feel and old school beats to one of the strongest releases of the year. In addition, she has an impressive collaborative list of amazing releases from Cleo, Broder John, Looptroop Rockers, Embee, Aurelia Dey and O-Hund, including just a few.

Ayla performed with DJ Miss Jen (who currently is a DJ to for example Stina Velocette and opening act to artists as Kapten Röd ).

Live talk “independent vs Signed”

9.00 pm (21:00)

6C4A407E-F153-49C9-BDCD-366D40F0666DIn this talk we invited producers Ayla and GIRL (Ida Redig) to talk about the topic. Music journalist Ika Johannesson was supposed to moderate this talk but she unfortunately called in sick. So EQlovesMusic producer Kina Nyman jumped in an lead the conversation, with brilliance we might add! Kina is also behind the acoustic swing version of EQLovesFestival 2018 Anthems -Change is in the air. Kina Nyman is a swedish pop-soul songwriter who has been active since early 2000, writing pop songs for publishing companies. Nowadays also into producing which is gaining more and more of her time and interest.

Ayla is an indie producer and Ida Redig, producer name GIRL is signed to a major publishing label. These inspiring women shared their experiences of working in the music business from these different perspectives and the conversation was very interesting and enlightening for all of us in the audience. Both are strong women with equal amount of personal integrity towards their work so the similarities between these two was striking despite of their different choices of collaboration with the established music business.

Ida Redig live performance

10 pm (22:00)

8FD88CBC-E4BD-4E13-BACF-9151E0296A44After the live talk Ida Redig entered the stage with presence and brilliance, performing her recent songs live. Her songs are wonderfully produced and her voice and performance was impeccable.

She is a producer and an artist in Sweden who released her first album 2010 ”Standing Here” at Universal Music Group. Her second album ”Thou Shall Not Be A Pussy was released in 2014. After this she released a song in Swedish ”Du står kvar”, 2014. Since then she has released more music in Swedish, the EP ”Jag kommer älska dig tills jag dör”, the album ”Tills döden skiljer oss åt” and several other singles.

In the year of 2016, she was nominated for SKAP award “Producer of the year”

As a music producer she goes under the name of GIRL and has produced music to commercials and also the soundtrack to TV4 tv series “Gåsmamman”.

She has also been a part of Swedish Melodifestivalen where she competed with the song “Allt som vi sa”.


SATURDAY – second day of the festival

Network lunch

12 am (12:00)

93D992EA-EA5C-4E78-8C1D-80681C6A2D85The VIP Lunch (Networking lunch) offered good food and drinks at the BEAT Food and Drinks restaurant in Brewhouse for all participating producers from abroad and their managers, invited representants of the industry labels, management, music journalists, and organisations such as Musikförläggarna, Kultur i Väst, Upfront Producer Network, Musikcentrum.

The VIP Lunch was arranged by EQLovesMusic in partnership with ALMI Väst, Syster Sol and her newly founded label GAL:ANT and Isabel (GAL:ANT) and Adela (ALMI VÄST) also gave heartfelt speaches of the importance of this event. More pictures from the network lunch here


During the mingle of the vip-lunch, EQLovesMusic member Ward also performed her latest single “Magisk” which is released on the GAL:ANT label.

Sarah Hansson Live performance

3 pm (15:00)

19C8E58D-1372-49A7-8625-CF052A5A4AF1Sarah Hansson, producer from EQLovesMusic was also performing live on stage.

Sarah Hansson Picture: Bo Linnell


SARAH HANSSON – Artist, Singer, Songwriter and Music Producer, hailing from Sweden and Trinidad & Tobago.

With her soft vocals, her music speaks her truths, about things that matter to her. Melodic melodies and music intertwined with Pop, RnB and Soca.

She recently released the #trinidadtobagopridesong Only God, which was a tribute release to the liberation and decriminilazation of the LGBTQ community in Trinidad & Tobago. The release got a lot of attention and helped the fund raising of the law suit against the government of Trinidad & Tobago which became a success, lead by human rights activist Jason Jones. Sarah Hansson and EQLovesMusic performed at the big Euro Pride concert in Sweden and EQLovesMusic could therefore give finance support to bring Jason Jones to Sweden and Euro Pride Human Rights Conference.  Read more about the release here.

And read about the press mentions and the remix of the song here. 

Sarah was behind the Soca Version of EQLovesFestival 2018 Anthems – Change is in the air. 


Live talk ”Equality movement in the world with Ebony Bones and Sylvia Massy”

4.30 pm (16:30)

E75AA331-9BB1-4F12-8581-BA883CB34772In this talk, Melisha and Kimtina from EQLovesMusic had a conversation with legendary producer Sylvia Massy and Ebony Bones about the equality movement in the world from their perspective and the topics also lead in to their work as producers.

Ebony Bones was interviewed at HBO Vice News in 2017 together with Linda Perry, Grimes and Tokimonsta to talk about this very popular topic. You can watch it here:https://youtu.be/vpwMy_eI7jE and in this live talk it also became clear that she is very passionate about the subject of equality.

Ebony Bones is a versatile producer who not only produces for herself as an artist but also set the tone for the fashion show music for large brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander Wang. She also produced on Yoko Ono’s track “No Bed for Beatle John”. Ebony have received several mentions and praises by Jay-Z, The New York Times, The Guardian, etc.

We talked about and listened to her recent work “Nephilm” ft The Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra and Sylvia and her shared interesting experiences about their work. Also in this life talk the audience got to listen to exclusive unreleased material.


Sopha Tako Live performance


Sophia Tako, also a producer from EQLovesMusic

SOPHIA TAKO – Introducing sensual, feminine, dark electronic R&B infused with nordic melodies. Focusing on lyrics and harmonies Sophia creates an ambient sphere of emotions that are accompanied by heavy beats and deep bass. Her inspiration comes from strong women who write, produce and create their own artistic sound.

Photo: Malin Gabre (Dancers Mike & Nino)

Sophia also performed together with EQLovesMusic at Euro Pride as seen in the picture on the right.

She also collaborated with Beatrice Jaksch on the electronic version of EQLovesFestival 2018 Anthem -Change is in the air.





Elin K live Performance


Beatrice Jaksch and Elin K Photo: Bo Linnell

Elin K – Swedish Atmospheric pop artist, songwriter and aspiring producer. Touring artist (California, London, Dublin, Hungary, Germany) signed with Musichelp Publishing and also a member of EQLovesMusic was performing with her own songs live on stage.

”Elin K has a voice similar to Lady Gaga meets Enya, and her musical accompaniment fills up the air, perfectly supporting that voice” -LA music critics

Elin was the voice and lyric writer behind the World Music Version of EQLovesFestival 2018 anthems – Change is in the air.

Elin has been one of our members who is a aspiring producer but worked with other EQLovesMusic producers, such as Anna Novak, Melisha, Sarah and Beatrice Jaksch on her songs.

You can find Elin in LA where she will move in September and attend the Musicians Institute, while continuing being a member of EQLovesMusic from overseas.


Live talk EQuality movement in Sweden with Musikförläggarna, Keychange project, Upfront Producer Network and EQLovesMusic, moderated by music journalist Annah Björk

6.30 pm (18:30)


In this live talk (in swedish) we invited Marit Woody from Musikförläggarna, Anna Ingler from Upfront Producer Network, Suvi Richter from Keychange project to talk about the recent projects and initiatives of equality in Sweden.

Annah Björk is a Swedish music journalist and was the moderator of this talk. She is also releasing a book regarding the subject. The book is called “Ni måste flytta på er” (You have to give space) http://mondial.se/utgivning/ni-maste-flytta-pa-er/


Leila Arab live performance


Live on stage we also enjoyed London producer and DJ Leila Arab, known for producing four albums of her own and also producing for others such as hip hop star Zebra Katz.

She is also known for her collaboration with superstar Björk, as a Live Dj in her band for three world tours, a music collaboration that appeared in the Drawing restraint 9 film and also some collaboration bits on Björks albums. https://youtu.be/OszyMKVsNg4





Kimtina performance

Kimtina is a EQLovesMusic member and producer within the genres such as dubstep and hard style. She is the producer behind the Hard Style version of EQLovesFestival 2018 Anthems – Change is in the air

She is also the one who together with Melisha started EQLovesMusic in Gothenburg and also been involved with EQLovesFestival from the beginning.

Her performance made everyone get up and jump around and it was the perfect way to end the EQLovesFestival 2018 – in euforia!


Project leader Melisha Linnell

Melisha Photo: Bo Linnell


Melisha is the project leader of the EQLovesFestival 2018 and is also a music producer with a bachelor degree in music production. She has worked in her own recording studio in Brewhouse (top floor) for many years and is also teaching university of Gothenburg within mixing, mastering and production.

She is responsible for the electronic version of EQLovesFestival 2018 Anthems – Change is in the air, and also wrote the original song. 

Link to website: https://www.melishamusicproduction.com





EQLovesMusic would like to thank all music journalists, participants and live performers at this event. Also to the special invites, participants and music business attendees to the VIP network lunch for coming and supporting and networking. Thank you Almi Väst and Adela Rivera for your support and collaboration. Thank you Isabel Syster Sol for hosting the Vip Lunch and attending the rest of the festival. Thank you Kina Nyman for moderating the Live talk so brilliantly at the last minute when Ika Johannesson cancelled. A special thanks to Per Sinding Larsen and Annah Björk, who made the conversations so brilliantly interesting and important. Thank you Sylvia Massy, Ebony Bones for coming to Sweden, sharing your stories and heart and being the inspiration and role models that we all need. Thank you Linn Fijal, Ida redig and Ayla for sharing your stories and music with us and also DJ miss Jen, Ida and the others on stage. Thank you Tony Halldin Hultkvist, Axel Jane, Kristofer Göransson for your support. Thank you Marit Woody, Anna Ingler and Suvi Richter for the live talk and for attending the rest of the festival. Thank you Leila Arab for the brilliant live set you did. Thank you Annika Strandhäll for supporting us by showing up and speaking at this event and making us feel special. Thank you Malin Zovic for helping with all The accounting and in the entrance. Thank you Elise Olsen for all support and taking care of Leo and Ludde. Thank you Bo Linnell and Rebecca Wijk Fagerberg for taking pictures and filming the event. Thank you Propellerhead Reason for donating Reason 10 fullversions to give out to the audience. We also want to give a big thank you to Musikverket, kulturrådet and Kultur i väst for Making this event possible to create.

EQLovesMusic would also like to thank the ”Inner circle” of its members who was involved with the event in so many ways, Kimtina, Sarah Hansson, Elin Krän, Zukie Fioxu! For your live performances, Wonderful friendship and all the hard work you put in this important project. All Done in such a great energy amongst us all! Also a big thank you to Beatrice Jaksch for the Propellerhead and Ehrlund michrophone collaboration and for the visuals. Anna Novak, Sophia Tako for also being a part of the project with the Anthems and also Ward for attending, performing and social media sharing and bringing your beautiful energy. And thank you of course to all the rest of the members.

Moa Widing from studio Magazine was at the festival: https://studio.idg.se/2.1078/1.706468/eq-loves-festival

Also a huge thank you to Ebba Lindkvist PR for Making this event visible to the public of Sweden.

SVT news

For more information: www.eqlovesfestival.com and here we also will show video clips from the event when they are finished and revised by the participants.

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